We believe that a  broader collaboration between law enforcement, system-impacted people and community activists is necessary to accomplish the goals of justice, fairness and public safety.  The increasing divide and persisting tensions between law enforcement and community members requires a new approach to make positive changes to our criminal justice system.

The Sentence Review Project seeks to identify people currently incarcerated that have been rehabilitated, do not pose a threat to public safety and could actually be critical in stopping cycles of crime by using their experience to change the course for others.  We work with government, academia, advocates, policy groups, grassroots organizers and law enforcement to create system efficiencies to achieve our goals.  

Beginning in early 2019, The Sentence Review Project will carry out the following work:


support reform involving serious/violent offenses

California has made great strides to reduce its prison population.  Many of these efforts have focused on low-level, non-violent offenses.  The most intractable problem in criminal justice reform is providing relief to those who have committed serious or violent offenses and received an excessive sentence.  The Sentence Review Project prioritizes this forgotten group of men and women, creates a platform for their redemption, and seeks to expand the group of men and women that deserve a Second Chances.  

engage CALIFORNIA District attorney's to "LOOK BACK" at PAST Sentences 

We believe that every prosecutor wants to address excessive sentences and sentences where further confinement is unjust.  The Sentence Review Project strives to engage and work with all 58 elected DAs to participate in identifying men and women who deserve to come home.     

DEVELOP and Recommend CRITERIA FOR DA offices to use in reevaluating past sentences

In collaboration with reentry experts, CDCR and advocates, the SRP will recommend criteria for DA review.  The Sentence Review Project will work with DA offices to develop office-specific criteria and policies for reevaluating long-term sentences for incarcerated people.

Screen, review and prepare candidates for DA Review

The Sentence Review Project serves as the clearinghouse for people in prison and their loved ones to submit an application for DA review.  Following screening, we will support eligible candidates in developing their application packets.  In partnership with organizations such as Silicon Valley De-Bug, applicants will be supported by Participatory Defense-style strategies, such as social biographies and mitigation packets, to prepare a compelling application for DA review.  To learn more about De-Bug and their Participatory Defense work, click here.

Present and Advocate for DA's review and resentencing 

Following case evaluations, the Sentence Review Project will present eligible, prepared applications to DA offices for review.  In partnership with the community, the Sentence Review Project will advocate for a specific lesser sentence.