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The Sentence Review Project is available to review cases where it can be shown the person is serving an excessive sentences. Where appropriate, we will support requests for DA's to recommend a lesser sentence. 

Criteria: Strong applicants are those who can show evidence of rehabilitation and that they are not a threat to public safety.  Completion of, or participation in, prison programming, leadership and mentorship roles while in prison can also improve opportunities for review.

While the new law (AB 2942) allows DAs to revisit any prior sentence, the Sentence Review Project is not able to review all cases. Applicants that have already served a significant amount of time can improve a person's opportunity for DA review. Therefore, the Sentence Review Project is only able to review cases where the person has already served at least 10 years in prison. Further, we will not be able to review cases involving homicide or sex offenses at this time.  

Our case assessment will depend on which DA offices are participation in the Sentence Review Project and which criteria they are using to reevaluate past sentences.  Also, at this time, the Sentence Review Project only works with cases in California. 

Due to a high volume of inquiries, it may take a few weeks before we are able to review these intakes. Please know we are working to secure additional resources to provide further information.


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