Assembly Bill 2942

This law will be the first legal vehicle in the country that allows prosecutors to revisit past sentences and reduce our prison population! 

California houses the second largest prison population in the U.S., and the largest population of inmates serving long-term sentences in the country.  Due to tough-on-crime policies of the past, some of these long-term sentences are excessive or overly-punitive and no longer in the interest of justice.  Many California District Attorney’s agree and believe that DAs should "look back" at prior sentences and provide redress. However, there are no legal vehicles that would allow a prosecuting agency to revisit prior sentences and recommend a reduced sentence. 

In 2018, California Assemblymember Phil Ting introduced Assembly Bill 2942, conceptualized and drafted by the Sentence Review Project, which would allow DAs to reevaluate past sentences and determine whether the sentence is no longer in this interest of justice.  The prosecuting agency can then recommend a sentence reduction should they deem it fit in each individual circumstance.

The Sentence Review Project will engage DAs to reevaluate long-term sentences and lead the implementation of this new law.

Click here to read the full text of the new law.