What We Do

The Sentence Review Project works with California prosecutors, system leaders and the community to reduce the number of incarcerated people serving excessive sentences. Under AB 2942, elected DAs will be able to reevaluate past sentences and support resentencing to a lesser sentence where it's determined that a current sentence is no longer in the interest of justice. Read more →


Why Prosecutors?

The majority of prosecutors are trying to seek justice, protect victims, reduce recidivism and do what is best for the communities they serve. Despite the fact that most prosecutors do not want people serving excessive sentences and they support prison release where public safety isn't compromised, those most impacted by the criminal justice system do not believe prosecutors have their best interest in mind. The Sentence Review Project brings together prosecutors and community for difficult but needed conversations in an effort to build bridges and identify solutions.

Why California?

California has made great strides in criminal justice reform, but more work is needed. California still maintains the second largest prison population and has the highest number of people serving long-term sentences in the country. California has an opportunity to identify bold solutions for people who have committed serious offenses in their past and lead the nation into this next frontier of reform.